About the Preparatory Action


  • Learning mobility is one of the policy priorities promoted by the EU to foster the development of key competences crucial for active participation in society and the labour market. Mobility is shown to positively impact participants’ confidence, independence, social integration and sense of European Identity.
  • One of the principal barriers to mobility is lack of recognition of its learning outcomes and unfortunately, in general secondary education, procedures for the mutual recognition are often underdeveloped or non-existent. The EU and the Member States are committed to work toward eliminating this barrier.
  • The aim of this Preparatory Action is to start a process of cooperation among relevant stakeholders that will eventually lead to the implementation of automatic recognition Europe-wide.
  • EFIL, the European Federation for Intercultural Learning, based in Brussels is the umbrella of 28 organisations running AFS Intercultural programmes in Europe and the Mediterranean, providing intercultural exchange opportunities for pupils, schools and volunteers reaching 12.000 pupils and 53.000 volunteers worldwide.
    • EIESP, the European Institute of Education and Social Policy, based in Paris, is a non-profit organisation with more than 40 years experience in the analysis of education and training policies in Europe.
    • CESIE is a European Centre for Studies and Initiatives, based in Palermo, Italy, with 20 years of experience in running projects stimulating development and change in educational, cultural and economic spheres through the creation of innovative tools and methods.

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