All you need to know about Finland

Welcome to Finland

Are you wondering what you should know about Finland and where you can find all this information? Everything that you need to know about Finland can be found in this guide in a nutshell. It will tell you how to dress properly, what kind of climate you should be expecting and the most important facts about Finnish culture. It will also open your eyes to the daily family life here in Finland and how students spend their free-time here. If you have more questions about Finnish culture, check also these practical facts about Finland.

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Important documents

Below you will find all the important documents that you will need during your stay here in Finland. If you have any questions or don't find what you are looking for contact [email protected].


All the guidelines related to traveling during your exchange year are presented clearly in this AFS Finland Travel Rules documentation. If a permission is needed, you can download it AFS Travel Permission here. Please note that the permission needs to be filled out and returned to the AFS Finland office at least 3 weeks before the planned trip. The applications are processed case-by-case and the student should not pay for the trip before AFS office has granted the travel permission.

Travel permissions are not processed after April 30th so for trips that are planned for May or June, the permission application must be at the AFS office by April 30th the latest.

Vaihtoon Espanjaan

Costs covered by AFS

AFS covers part of the costs while living in Finland. If you are not sure which costs are covered by AFS Finland, you can find the What does AFS pay for list here. The actual reimbursements must be applied by your host parent. Please ask them to check for more information and how to apply for the reimbursements in our Global Family Tool. There they will find all the details.

Koulunkäynti Suomessa AFS

School books

If you need to order books from AFS office, please let us know which books you need by filling this form: https://forms.gle/8p579nTvDCmHf2aAA

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100 Things To Do

Are you up for the challenge?

100 things to do in Finland

We challenge you to try out these things during your exchange here in Finland! We’ve collected 100 things for you to do in Finland, including traditional activities and hobbies, new skills that are truly loved by local Finns and even a few tasty specialities that you can taste only here in Finland. Save the list on your phone or print it out and take note when things are done. You might even want to share these experiences with you fellow exchange students and compare the preferences. Some of them are weather dependent, but now all;)

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Laita meille viestiä niin vastaamme sinulle aukioloaikojemme (ma-pe 9-16) puitteissa mahdollisimman pian. Terveisin Suomen AFS