Mikä on AFS Global You Adventurer?

AFS Global You on uusi, virtuaalinen vaihto-ohjelma!

Ohjelmassa tutustutaan uusiin ystäviin maailmanlaajuisesti ja opitaan tärkeitä kansainvälisiä taitoja.

Mitä? Viiden viikon digitaalinen vaihto-ohjelma
Kenelle? 14-17 vuotiaille
Milloin? 2021 ohjelmat alkavat 19.1. / 2.2. / 16.2. / 2.3. / 16.3. / 6.4. / 20.4. / 4.5. / 18.5. / 1.6. / 15.6. / 6.7. / 20.7. / 3.8. / 17.8. / 7.9. / 21.9. / 5.10. / 19.10. / 2.11. / 16.11. / 30.11. / 14.12.
Hinta? 315 $ (noin 270 €)

AFS Global You Adventurerin aikana 14–17 vuotiaat nuoret oppivat ja pohtivat:

  •       Kuinka ottaa kantaa heille merkityksellisiin asioihin.
  •       Kuinka osallistua ja vaikuttaa itselleen tärkeisiin asioihin globaalina kansalaisena.
  •       Mikä tekee kulttuurieroista niin tärkeitä ja kiehtovia.
  •       Miksi meidän kaikkien tulee kehittää empatiakykyämme.
  •       Kuinka välttää nopeita johtopäätöksiä.
  •       Kuinka toimia, kun kohtaa epätasa-arvoa.

Ohjelman järjestää AFS:n kansainvälisyysosaamisen asiantuntijat ja pohjautuu yli 70 vuoden ammattitaitoon vaihto-ohjelmien järjestämiseen yli 60 eri maassa. Tule mukaan niin saat uusia ystäviä ja opit lisää maailmasta!

Ohjelman nousevan suosion johdosta, AFS järjestää jatkossa kaksi Global You Adventurer kuukaudessa koko seuraavan vuoden ajan!

Kysy lisää sinulle sopivista mahdollisista aloituspäivistä Suomen AFS:n toimistolta!

Ohjelman pääkieli on englanti, mutta kielitaito ei ole vaatimus.

What is the AFS Global You™ Adventurer program?

Would you like to make friends around the world from your home? AFS Global You Adventurer is here to help you do that!

This is a one-of-a-kind online program where you will learn about connecting with people across cultures and become part of a global community. In addition to having fun, you’ll learn from AFS intercultural learning experts based on more than 70 years of experience running exchange programs and other education programs in more than 60 countries.

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  • How you can stand for issues you really care about and help make the world a better place
  • How to be part of a global community of people passionate about making a difference
  • What makes differences between cultures important and beautiful
  • Why we all need to build our empathy muscles
  • How to avoid jumping to conclusions
  • What to do about inequalities you encounter around you

and more!

At the end, you’ll receive the Global Competence Certificate issued by AFS acknowledging your new global skills.

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Who can participate in AFS Global You™ programs?

This program is truly global! It is designed for young people just like you, from 14 to 17 years old, who are looking to embark on a new experience, with new people from around the world.

  • are curious,
  • would like to  create a positive change in the world,
  • love meeting people like you from cultures totally different from your own, and
  • want to make connections with global peers in a real way

Learn to see the world through different eyes without leaving your home.

Join a global community of AFS Global Citizens.

Create true connections with friends from places you’ve never visited before.

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Open your mind to new ideas, experiences and skills.

Earn your own AFS Global Competence Certificate to add to your university and job applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program includes 20 different modules. It takes around 16 hours to complete over 4 weeks. You will also be able to attend 5 special facilitated live online sessions where you will connect with up to 25 peers⁠—and a Global You coach—from all around the world to exchange ideas, share reflections and be inspired.

Being at home doesn’t stop you from exploring the world.

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Information for Parents

Help your teen have a fun and productive time. Trust AFS to help them build lifelong ties in an international community while developing key 21st century skills. They’ll also receive an award-winning AFS Global Competence Certificate to help them stand apart, prepare them for their future studies and work, and become a member of the AFS global network. Plus, your child will be eligible for a discount on future study abroad with AFS.

AFSers making an impact

Teens who take part in AFS programs today are leaders who go on to great things.

Regina Agyare Honu


Tech innovator, changemaker and founder of Soronko Academy and Tech for Girls, the first coding and Human-centered design school in West Africa, was named one of the BBC 100 Women for empowering women and girls with technology skills.


Samantha Cristoforetti

(ITALY TO USA, 1994)

The first Italian woman in space, Italian Air Force Captain Cristoforetti holds the record for the longest uninterrupted spaceflight by a European astronaut (199 days, 16 hours). A U.S. Space Camp Hall of Famer, she is spokesperson for Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut and mentors space fans @AstroSamantha on Twitter.


Carla Bolivar Quintero


A physician on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic in Chile, a country that has the third most coronavirus cases in Latin America, says her global superpower is understanding people and using empathy to give the best care in these challenging times.


Christine Lagarde


President of the European Central Bank, this noted antitrust and labor lawyer and longtime advocate for women’s equality has urged policymakers to reform fiscal policies, invest in infrastructure and create jobs and strengthen the role of women in the world economy.

Research-based experiential programming

Content for the Global You programs was created by AFS experts in intercultural learning and is based on more than 70 years of experience running educationally-proven exchange programs in more than 60 countries.

What other students have to say about our online programs

“It’s great to connect with people that feel like you and understand you! I am very excited to keep on inspiring people and spread positivity, love, change and open-mindedness in the world because we really need it.”

“It was such a great experience to learn from this platform. In these times of uncertainty we might feel sad, and feel like we can’t open our minds and acquire new knowledge. But it was possible here.”

“I really learnt and gained a lot in those modules, such as understanding myself and others, how to communicate, what is empathy, and more. I met interesting people from other countries and had a chance to chat with them. This program is really amazing and meaningful for me.”

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